Mohammed VI Polytechnic University Receives Funding for Agriculture Research

Rabat – Morocco’s phosphates and fertilizer company OCP has signed an agreement with Spanish company Fertinagro Biotech, part of the Térvalis Group, and the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University. The agreement aims to endow the university to fund professors who will train researchers. The goal is that the graduates will subsequently enter the agricultural research field.

Fertinagro Biotech has already provided for professorships at two Spanish universities and hopes to grow the project with academic support of the Mohammed VI Polytechnic and opportunities for field work and practical testing with OCP.

Through the training provision, the deal seeks to develop sustainable research and development (R&D) solutions for the agricultural sector through the training of researchers “from companies that stand out for developing sustainable solutions for Africa, Europe and for the world.”

Under the agreement, the parties aim to train researchers in order to develop sustainable solutions to “promote the development of African and world agriculture and livestock,” a joint statement said.
Among the aims of the training is for the researchers to develop innovative projects“based on actions that promote the [reusable and recycling] economy,” the statement added.

The agreement also seeks to “to promote knowledge without barriers for agriculture.”

OCP support the agreement with a commitment to provide “the expertise and technicity (sic) of its teams in order to conduct practical tests on the field and measure their concrete implications on the ground.”

The collaboration between these institutions will also include connections with Spain’s leading universities in the fields of agriculture, recycling economy and agro-biosciences. Under the agreement, OCP will support the project by providing opportunities for practical experience and on the ground testing.

The training will include Agro-biosciences, “proving access and transfer of solutions for farmers and ranchers, educational exchanges between Spain and Morocco and research and development programs in fields.”

Director of strategic development of the Térvalis Group Sergio Atares expressed satisfaction with the agreement.

“In Spain and in Morocco there is very good research, they are characterized by developing projects based on a guarantee of the excellence of a whole team of professionals who seek solutions to the current problems of society, promoting the development of our countries, and allowing better quality of life for everyone,” said the director.

UM6P secretary-general Hicham El Habti explained that university’s pioneering role among world-renowned universities in the field.

“Our objective is to consolidate Morocco’s frontline position in R&D, in a unique partnership-based approach and boosting skills training, relevant for the future of Africa,”he said.


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